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  • Federal Court Rules Against Nicopure. What Comes Next?

    Nicopure Labs’ fight for vaping rights suffered a setback in a Washington, DC federal court. This is the first major court loss for the vaping industry in what may very well be just one of many court battles in the long-term fight against FDA overreach. Nicopure had been seeking relief from oppressive regulation. A level […]

  • Does the latest research on harm caused by e-cigs give any concrete evidence?

    E-cigs and Children: Adults Unsure of Secondhand Aerosol Harms

    As with everything, the opinions on e-cigarettes are radically divided. Given all of our recent reports, new medical discoveries, as well as new laws, it seems opinions on this subject are opposing each other rather than finding a constructive meeting point. The burning question, however, remains unanswered. Are e-cigarettes a healthier alternative to smoking, or […]

  • Should regular and e-cigarettes be treated the same?

    This City Newspaper has Some Strong Opinions on Vaping

    If you have been keeping up with our recent news, you would see a lot of noise about e-cigarettes. They have created some troublesome situations for lawmakers and health buffs. The original developer of e-cigarettes, Hon Lik, created these devices as a healthier alternative with the intent to fight smoking. The motivation came to the […]

  • E-cigs and hookahs targets of Louisville’s new proposal.

    Louisville is About to Make a lot of Smokers and Vapers Angry

    Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city with a population of about 760,000 people. It’s the home of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the University of Louisville. In addition, since 2008, Louisville Metro’s Smoke-Free Ordinance has been in effect. It prohibits the smoking of tobacco in indoor public places and worksites. However, the problems occur […]