Reliant 60W Pro Kit by Apollo Review – An Unparalleled Mod

Apollo Reliant 60W Pro Kit Review

When looking for a new vaping kit, there are a number of things that a vaper usually has to take into account. Needless to say, the cost of the kit is usually key among those considerations, and beating the $74.95 Reliant, given the features it offers for the price, would be a difficult task.

There are some pretty expensive vaping mods that, sadly, never really pack the punch you would hope for. While it is important to stay within your means, it’s also important to balance functionality, experience, and cost. You want to maximize the value for your money, while also getting every feature that you want. The Reliant 60W Pro Kit by Apollo is a kit that achieves exactly that. It balances cost and functionality to ensure that you’re able not only to enjoy the build and experience of your mod.

There are several reasons that make the Reliant 60W Pro Kit by Apollo such a great purchase for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Among them are the build quality and performance of the kit.

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The mod itself is extremely open, capable of working with most atomizers without any problem whatsoever, which is a big plus if you have a preferred atomizer. Additionally, the design of the mod makes use extremely easy. The buttons are reachable and intuitively placed so as to offer an unmatched experience.

Of course, you also want a vape mod that you feel comfortable pulling out in public. The design and finish of the Reliant 60W Pro Kit by Apollo offers you a mod that you’ll be proud to show off. It’s not the shiny piece of metal that many vapers end up with; nevertheless, the Reliant is equally eye-catching and streamlined.

The strongest point of the Reliant has to be the temperature adjustability which is well-defined and highly specific. Not only does the mod allow you to choose your preferred wattage, going all the way up to 60 watts and power, it also allows you to choose the resistance. This addition makes the mod a personal and very flexible device. Because of the adjustability, every user can vape their favorite e-liquid at the temperature they best prefer. You’ll always have an impressive experience regardless of the juice you’re using.

Additionally, the mod comes with a great addition known as the TCR setting. This is a great tool to have for a couple of reasons.Firstly, it allows the mod to monitor how fast the device heats up and can prevent it from firing if the coil is dry. This saves you the trouble of buying unnecessary coils and atomizers. Additionally, the mod also has a feature that checks when a new coil and atomizer are added and automatically adjusts to the best settings.

Even though the user might have to wait for some time before they are able to master the mod’s controls, the alignment and positioning of the different buttons ensures that the learning curve is minimal. The presence of an LCD display definitely makes that learning curve much easier. The display offers key information including the current wattage and resistance settings.

Apollo Reliant 60W Pro Kit Review

There’s no doubt that the Reliant is a great piece of equipment. There isn’t any assembly required other than screwing on the tank and atomizer, which is very easy. It takes only five minutes to set up, though for newbies it might take a little longer.

Although the mod can fire up to 60W, we found that vaping at or around 30W and 0.5-ohm resistance was pretty ideal and that produced the vapor quality and flavor we were looking for.

For heavy vapers, the battery should be able to last at least 6 hours. In some instances, depending on the settings of the temperature, it can easily last up to one and a half days which is quite commendable. The presence of a battery life indicator makes life better.

The Good
  • Well-made and highly durable
  • Large and bright display
  • Accurate resistance readings
  • Great temperature control mode
  • Durable 510 spring-loaded connection
  • Three different firing modes
  • Good balance of liquid to air flow control
  • Comprehensive kit
  • Great design both inside and out
The Bad
  • For first time users, learning how to use and particularly toggle the wattage takes a bit of time to perfect hence a requirement for a learning curve.
  • This vape pen starter kit costs more than some of the other options that are available in the market.
  • You might also notice that the battery compartment lid is a bit annoying to work with.

There’s quite a lot to like about the Reliant 60W Pro Kit by Apollo. Whether ít is the physical appeal or the performance, you will definitely find something to like about this vape mod. In short, finding such a high-quality mod at this price is extremely hard, which make the Reliant all the more impressive.

Reliant 60W Pro Kit by Apollo
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