The Aspire Breeze NXT: Portable, Light, and Stylish


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: April 13, 2023

Aspire Breeze NXT desktop

Review Score: 87/100

Price range:
Battery Capacity:
Pods Capacity:
Coils Resistance:
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Pods hold a lot of e-juice
  • Comes with a warranty card
  • Easy to change mesh coils


  • Limited color selection
  • Works only with the coils that come with the kit

Starting Price: $ 31.95

Aspire is known for its easy to use vape mods, and new Aspire Breeze NXT is no exception. It is lightweight all in one vape for first-time vapers and people who are always on the go and want a device that can produce big clouds and intense flavors.

It has a revamped adjustable airflow control system, and it has a new coil configuration that makes exchanging coils easier. In addition to these features, it has an easy to refill pod that can carry more liquid than most cartridges on the market.

Review of the Aspire Breeze NXT

The Aspire Breeze NXT uses a 5.4 ml liquid capacity pod that has kanthal 0.8-ohm mesh coils that can be taken in and out without any hassle. The most unique aspect of this unit is that the coils can be replaced even when the tank is full.

In addition to these easy to replace coils, the pod is easy to refill thanks to a silicon plug that keeps the e-juice in the cartridge and not all over the mod. The mod uses a battery that can generate from 15 to 20 watts of power.

Aspire Breeze NXT desktop

Monitor the battery life by looking at the battery life indicator on the front face of the vape. The airflow can be adjusted based on the amount of flavor the user wants with each drag.

In addition to these technical features, it has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable and portable. There are no sharp edges that will cause discomfort, and it is so light the person might not even notice he is holding it.

Aspire Breeze NXT Features Review

It can be taken anywhere, and the battery life in 1000mAh with the high capacity pod makes it so that it can be used for a day without having to worry about recharging or refilling it. This design is not only practical but chic. It has a unique look that other pod mods do not have. It is available in three colors: black, red, and white. The color selection is limited, but they are good colors.

The device comes with several safety features that will ensure that the user can use it for a long time without it breaking down. It has an automatic cut off to guard against the battery being drained, and it is protectedfrom overcharging, low voltage, and overheating. With these features, the user can enjoy the vape worry-free.

New Aspire Breeze NXT vs. the Aspire Breeze II Vape Kits

No one can deny the fact that Aspire Breeze II is a good vape, but the Aspire Breeze NXT has an edge in a few areas.

One area where the mod excels is in the pods; it has a larger capacity than the 3 ml of the Breeze II.

One more area where it is better is in the exterior design. It has a curved design with a slight rise in the middle that makes it slightly more comfortable to hold and easier to find the firing button.

Aspire Breeze NXT Build Quality and Design

The quality of the design and the build are nothing to sneeze at. The outer shell has a glossy finish that nearly sparkles. The only drawback to the finish is that it smears easily, but that in no way affects the performance. The firing button is conveniently placed at the top of the small curve on the body. The plug and play method of installing the coils is another excellent feature of this device that cannot get enough praise.

What Comes with the Kit?

The kit comes with everything the buyer needs to get vaping as soon as possible. It comes with:

Aspire Breeze NXT Kit Review

  • 1,000 mah battery
  • One Breeze NXT refillable pod
  • Two 0.8-ohm mesh coils
  • User manual
  • USB charging cable

For safety reasons, it is inadvisable to charge the device with a different cable. Only use the cable with which it comes for recharging.

Battery Performance

The battery is rated at 1,000 mah and is capable of running up to twelve hours on heavy vaping. Moderate vapers can even extend the battery life to two days.

Aspire Breeze NXT Battery Review

It charges in 90 minutes if the battery is dead completely.

The device has lights to indicate the battery’s status:

  • green for 3.8 volts and higher,
  • blue for 3.8 to 3.5 volts,
  • red for anything under 3.5 volts.

The Breeze NXT Pod’s Mesh Replaceable Coils

The mesh coils are 0.8-ohm kanthals. They have large wicking ports, and the base is flattened. This makes it easier to insert and remove. These high-performance coils give off a robust flavor.

Aspire Breeze NXT Coils Review

The most significant benefit to using this kind of coil system is that they can be inserted and taken out while there is still juice in the pod. The e-juice will stay inside, and the user will not have to worry about it leaking everywhere.

While these coils can be removed while there is liquid still in the cartridge, it is best to wait until it is at least half depleted before taking it out.

The only disadvantage is that these coils are entirely redesigned and unique to this pod system. That means they cannot be exchanged for other coils, and these coils do not work on different devices.

How to Clean the Coils

To increase the longevity of coils and save money, it is a good idea to learn how to clean them.

To clean a coil, soak it in ethanol or vinegar for five hours. After the time is up, wash the coil with distilled water.

Dry the coil by patting it down with a cotton cloth and use a q-tip to dry out the wicking holes. After this step is complete, set it on a dry cloth and let the coil dry completely before using it.

How Long do the Coils Last?

The coils will last up to two to three refills of the pod before they have to be changed out. Occasionally a user might get a dud coil that burns out after only 3 ml of juice has been vaped, but this does not happen often. Each coil is suitable for 10 to 15 ml.

How to Use the Aspire Breeze NXT

Figuring out how to use this device is not a difficult task.

Remove the pod from the battery. The pod has a silicone plug on the side that makes it easy to top off. The fill port is wide enough to avoid messes.

Flip open the silicone plug with a fingernail and fill up the pod. The pod is transparent, so it is easy to monitor the juice level during refilling. Once the pod is full, close the plug and put it back into the battery. Allow the juice 10 minutes to get absorbed into the wicking.

To use the coil, take it in hand and prime it with a few drops of e-liquid. The drops can be put on the top opening and the side holes of the coil where the cotton wicking is placed. Next, align it with the hole at the base of the cartridge and then push it in.

Understanding the Instructions

The manual for the Aspire Breeze NXT is available on the company’s website in PDF format. Be sure to read and study the manual before operating the device. It is entirely free to download. Most accidents with vapes occur because the user did not read the manual.

Aspire Breeze NXT’s Competitors

Aspire Breeze NXT vs. Smok Nord

The Smok Nord is a powerful mod that has a 1,100 mah battery, which slightly more than what the Aspire Breeze NXT has.

Aspire Breeze NXT vs. Smok Nord Review

However, the Breeze NXT’s pod outperforms the Smok Nord’s 3 ml pod.

The Smok Nord has more design options than the NXT; it has several color options, and the customer can between snakeskin and resin style patterns.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Smok Nord can be used with nicotine salts and the NXT cannot. These are both two good pod mods, but the Aspire Breeze NXT slightly outperforms the Smok Nord.

Aspire Breeze NXT vs. Caliburn

Caliburn has a 520 mah battery and only 2 ml e-juice capacity. There is one area where the Caliburn is slightly more impressive, and that is in the looks department.

Aspire Breeze NXT vs. Caliburn Review

The Caliburn has a slender and sleek design mimicking the look of a USB device. It also has more color options. Also, like the Smok Nord, this device can be vaped with nicotine salts.

Aspire Breeze NXT Specifications

Sizes: 96 x 35 x 20.5mm
Build Material: Aluminium Alloy
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Wattage Range: 15-20W
Coils Resistance: 0.8ohm
Pods Capacity: 5.4mL



  • Pods hold a lot of e-juice
  • The battery can last one to two days
  • Comes with a warranty card
  • Easy to change mesh coils
  • Excellent flavor and high vapor production


  • Limited color selection
  • Works only with the coils that come with the kit


There are a lot of good reasons to be excited about the Aspire Breeze NXT. Not only is it fashionable and portable, but it has improved specifications like improved airflow and a longer-lasting battery.

Also, the tank system is much better than those of its predecessors, resulting in more intense flavor and thicker clouds. The only way a vaper could get better flavor and cloud production would be if he bought a tank.

If you have tried this device, please give us a shout out by leaving a comment below, whether you agree with us or not. Let us know about your experiences with this mod so that we can have a better idea of what our readers think.

Published: September 15, 2019Updated: April 13, 2023

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